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GATEWAY INT’L is a product development company in the footwear segment for the Brazilian market and export.

In business since 1986, it has a highly qualified team and established processes regarding market knowledge, design, technical, commercial and logistic follow-up.

Its headquarters are located in Franca, in the state of Sao Paulo, a city recognized as the “capital of men’s shoes in Brazil”. Franca counts on specialized labor, with decades of tradition, and concentrates a leather pole and components for the footwear industry with international credibility.

The GATEWAY INT’L branch is located in Campo Bom, state of Rio Grande do Sul, exclusively dedicated to the development and production of high quality women’s footwear for international clients.


Composed by a highly qualified and experienced team, GATEWAY INT’L conducts market research, develops footwear collections and produces prototypes.

We source and empower the best factory structure to produce according to the quality control, established by the technical standards and agreed with the markets in which it operates.

Franca Office

Campo Bom Office

Social Scope

GATEWAY INT’L does pioneering audit and accreditation work for its industrial partners, including outsourcers.

All are certified according to international standards, respect for the environment and the individual rights. This program is monitored by clients’ international third-party auditors and supervised by labor agencies in Brazil and Worldwide.

It has been ISO 9001: 2000 certified since 2004.

Socially Responsible Enterprise


Create a positive synergy throughout the production chain to seduce our customers with the best product.


Establish a corporation admired for its high performance, fruit of unity and excellence in communication.


Loyalty to customers and suppliers; Clarity in communication; Appreciation and respect for people; Pleasure to do better.

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